We are delighted to introduce Pathways. This is the process by which Year 9 students, parents and teachers will agree the subjects that your sons and daughters will study in Years 10 and 11. The choices that students make now are particularly important and will have an impact on their future routes into college and employment.  We want to ensure that everyone is fully informed to enable the correct choices to be made.


On Thursday 28th January, we plan to host our Pathways Evening where you are invited to a presentation of option choices.

During the evening you will have the opportunity to speak to the teachers and to collect more detailed information about specific subjects at our Pathways Fair. Members of staff will also be available to offer advice and guidance on the evening. There is an opportunity for a further consultation appointment, which can be arranged through your son / daughters tutor if required. 

A booklet to outline all the available choices and the instructions for selecting your chosen subjects will be made available to you at the Pathways evening or by using a link below which will be live from Term 3. 


Online Preferences process - students guide