Year 11

Year 11 is a place of learning. We learn through talking, thinking and acting. Through learning we grow.


Each year group has its own leadership team, comprising of the Year Leader and Assistant Year Leader. This team leads weekly assemblies and oversees the staff and students.

Through the Year Groups, we offer students a greater sense of belonging within a large school. We believe this supports our whole school ethos and our ‘Achieving Together’ motto.

Community Personnel
Mr N Morris  Year Leader
Mr K Morris Assistant Year Leader
 Tutor Groups
Mr Kearsey (RKe)

Mr Stocker (NSt)

Mr Edwards (GEd) Mr Froom (OFr)
Mrs Peters (JPs) Mrs Clarke (KCl) & Miss Sadhra (MSa)
Ms Bryden (GBr) Miss Jenson (RJe)
Mrs Devine (ADv) Mrs Chilvers (LCh)