Why Train With Us

Welcome to your first steps in joining one of the most rewarding professions in the world. 


Here at Ratton we provide excellent opportunities for you learn how to engage students and help them to aspire to achieve through fostering:

  • Professionalism
  • Enthusiasm and drive
  • High quality subject knowledge
  • Rigour in organisation and delivery
  • Meeting teaching standards in full
  • 'No surprises' support - transparency and honesty
  • Deep understanding of student progress, achievement and well being

The challenge for the nation is to maintain a supply of outstanding teachers so that every child has the opportunity to be taught by inspirational, skilled teachers throughout their time at school.

Sir Andrew Carter.

We have a dedicated and supportive core group of Mentors who will pass on their specialist subject knowledge as well as guiding you through the increasingly complex role of what it means to be a teacher in today’s educational environment.



‘I’ve felt incredibly supported by my mentor especially throughout my training so far. She has always been available and willing to give me professional and emotional support when needed through not only our weekly meetings but also on a day-to-day basis in the classroom, at break times and through emails.

The rest of the science department have also been incredibly helpful with sharing advice and resources whenever I have expressed need.

Lastly, I must mention how important the support of my fellow trainees has been to me. The informal chat in the staffroom and the ability to discuss our personal challenges has been extremely valuable to me in maintaining drive and confidence in myself.

SDirect Science 



I have felt supported throughout my training from my mentor, my professional tutor, my colleagues and my university. I feel able to ask for help, if I need it and I am always aware of what I can do to improve my teaching.


Ratton is a wonderful school with loads to offer a trainee. The teachers are always happy to help if you are stuck or a bit lost on something. There is an atmosphere of support within the school and everyone is friendly and welcoming. I have been shown the kind of school I would like to teach in and I hope that in the future I can find a school, like Ratton to work.

SDirect MFL