All students are required to wear school uniform. An acceptance of a place at Ratton School implies an acceptance by parents and students of the school’s dress code. Full school uniform must be worn for registration and assembly.


Due to  increasing demand for uniform we have taken the decision to outsource our uniform to a local supplier. This will enable more stock to be held by our supplier and you will be able to order/buy outside school hours.

Sussex Uniforms, who are a reputable local company, work with a number of secondary schools in the area and already supply our school with our trousers and shorts, but will now undertake supplying all school uniform directly to you. This has proved a successful system with our neighbouring schools. Please use the link below to access their website.

Sussex Uniforms


We will be hosting open mornings through-out the year at Ratton School.

Full school uniform must be worn for registration and assembly. 

This is:
  • Plain black school shoes
  • Black Ratton School trousers 
  • Ratton School polo shirt
  • Ratton School sweatshirt

Please note the following are not allowed:

  • Coloured t-shirt or cardigans
  • Extreme haircuts, for example tramline or mohicans (hair colour must be natural)
  • facial / body piercings
  • excessive make-up and jewellery
  • bracelets
  • no jeans, combats or skinny trousers

Students who come to school with incorrect uniform for any reason will be offered an alternative from our stock for that day, or be asked to go home and return appropriately dressed. Should you be unclear of the standard required, please contact school to seek clarification before purchasing items that may be incorrect.

PE Uniform

At Ratton, we take pride in the appearance of our pupils during PE lessons, and whilst representing the school in fixtures and sporting events. We wish for our pupils to be both smart and comfortable during their lessons. After receiving feedback from our students in a recent survey, we have decided to make some alterations to our PE kit. These are now available to purchase on the Sussex Uniforms website.

Ratton Royal Blue Polo Shirt with Logo
Ratton Royal Blue or ratton Navy Shorts
Ratton Blue Football Socks
Ratton Royal Blue PE Sweatshirt with Logo (optional)
Ratton PE Training Pants (optional)

Ratton PE Leggings (optional)

Year 10 and 11 ONLY

Ratton PE Joggers (optional)
Students will also require football boots, trainers, mouthguard and shinpads.