Performing Arts

Enriching lives through inspiring experiences.


Our vision includes the belief that:

  • A broad and balanced curricular and extra-curricular programme will unlock and support the artistic potential of all our students
  • Outstanding exam results will be achieved with a commitment to every child, not just our talented performers
  • The performing arts will encourage each individual to work in a creative, co-operative and collaborative manner while promoting personal, learning and thinking skills
  • Students learn best in a participative and creative environment placed within a firm framework of high standards in teaching and learning
  • Students need an understanding of, and access to, developing technologies in order to encourage participation and leadership in a technologically developing society
  • We have a responsibility to our local community through productions and performances

Niamh Hughes Curriculum Leader Dance

Chloe Papagna Dance Teacher

Vikki Potten Curriculum Leader Drama

Neil Stocker Drama Teacher

Mark Adams Drama Teacher

Dave Brinson Drama Teacher

Ryan Kearsey Curriculum Leader Music

Niki Smith Music Teacher 

Ana Resende Music Teacher


Our aim as a department is to deliver an energetic, engaging and challenging curriculum through a creative, skills based framework.

The Dance Curriculum has three strands: Performance (technical and interpretative skills), Choreography (the art of making dances) and Appreciation (the ability to describe, interpret and evaluate dances).


Our aim as a department is to deliver an engaging and challenging curriculum through a predominantly Physical Skills method.

There are two strands to the Drama Curriculum, Social Drama Skills and Physical Drama Skills.

Social Drama Skills include: Negotiation, Listening, Control, Focus, Concentration and Control

Physical Drama Skills include: Facial Expression, Body Language, Voice Movement and Gesture.


All students at Ratton have Music lessons as a regular part of their curriculum at Key Stage 3, during which time a variety of projects are studied, from Classical Music, Blues and Jazz through to Rock, Pop, Hip-Hop and Dance music. There are many opportunities for practical music-making during lesson time, using percussion instruments, keyboards, ukuleles and our newly- acquired class set of iPads.

Music is available as an option subject at Key Stage 4, both as a BTEC and GCSE qualification. The BTEC gives students the opportunity to develop vocational skills ready for the world of work alongside studying units such as DJing, Performing and Music Sequencing. The Music GCSE focuses on performing, composing and listening preparing students for the study of Music at A-level.