Reporting Home

We believe communication with parents and carers is a vital ingredient to success. 


All students  will receive 4 reports a year. These include -

Attitude to Learning Report - Information on listening, organisation, participation and quality of work.

Progress Report (x2) - Information on progress, attitude in lessons and commitment to homework.

Tutor Report - Information on progress, attitude in lessons, commitment to homework and a comment from your child's tutor.

Reporting To Parents 2021/22

W/C 8th November 2021

Year 7 - 11 - Attitude to  Learning Report

W/C 17th January 2022

Year 7 - 11 Progress Report

 May 2022

Year 11 - Tutor Report

Year 7 - 10 Progress Reports 

July 2022

Year 7 - 10 Tutor Reports 

However, please contact us at any time to discuss the progress of child either by phoning, emailing or completing the form on the right-hand side.