Examination Results

Examination Results



Examination Results 2020

The Head of School at Ratton, Gavin Peevers, confirmed that he was delighted with the fantastic Year 11 GCSE results of the Year 11 students.

“These results are a culmination of all of our students’ sustained hard work over the last five years and demonstrate their dedication to our school virtues of effort, creativity and responsibility. We are very pleased that our students’ high levels of achievement across a wide range of subjects will enable them to move forward with confidence.”

“We would also like to take this opportunity to thank our staff who have supported our students in navigating these challenging circumstances. Their professionalism and dedication has helped our students take the next step on their life journeys successfully.”

“The whole school community wishes all the outgoing Year 11 students the best of luck with future study and careers.”

Progress 8 Score (National Average 0.00)

2020  Centre Assessed Grades (CAGs)

2019  +0.05 

2018  +0.07

Attainment 8 Score 

2020  Centre Assessed Grades (CAGs)

2019  45.2

2018  46.8

Percentage of Pupils Achieving a Standard Pass (4+) in English and Mathematics

2020  Centre Assessed Grades (CAGs)

2019  59%

2018  63%

Percentage of Pupils Achieving a Good Pass (5+) in English and Mathematics

2020  Centre Assessed Grades (CAGs)

2019  36%

2018  41%

English Baccalaureate

2020  Centre Assessed Grades (CAGs)

Entered  Centre Assessed Grades (CAGs)

APS  Centre Assessed Grades (CAGs)


Entered  32%

APS  3.8


Entered  33%

APS  4.03


In education or employment for at least 2 terms after completing KS4


2018   94%

2017   92%

Parents may access the School Performance Tables published by the Secretary of State on the Department for Education’s website