Rewards & Sanctions

At Ratton we believe the most effective ways to help learners is to teach them new behaviours by using rewards and sanctions. They are used to set clear boundaries, to let parents and carers know what is expected of their children as pupils, let the pupils know what is expected of them, allow teachers to impose the school rules and ensure good classroom management limits poor behaviour.



The purpose of our rewards system is to allow us to celebrate achievement, excellence, and contribution in all aspects of school life. Ratton School recognises that rewards, praise and encouragement are amongst the most powerful aids to teaching, maintaining high standards of behaviour and fostering a positive school ethos. As a school we recognise that a key part of developing the potential of our students is giving encouragement and praise.  Praise is a key component of good teaching and good staff/student relationships. Staff at Ratton actively look for opportunities to praise students both within and beyond lessons. Our rewards system encourages our students to strive for achievement and excellence. We recognise that in order for our rewards system to be effective it needs to be continuously developed.


Our approach to Behaviour Management is based on our school virtues:

Showing kindness and caring for other people and the environment.

Acting with respect to others both in and out of school. Valuing diversity and avoiding discriminatory language. 

Being curious about the world, solving problems and asking thoughtful questions.

Achieving together by working as part of a team. Understanding that we all have to do our fair share and get along with different people.

Putting effort into all aspects of school life. Demonstrating resilience when faced with a challenge.

Taking responsibility by being in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing.