Who's Who

Ratton School benefits from dynamic, energetic and dedicated teaching staff. Each one a specialist in their subject and committed to the school virtues. Staff can be emailed by clicking on their name below.



The Strategic Leadership Team is responsible for strategy, the day-to-day smooth running of the school and standards including progress, attitudes to learning and behaviour and financial sustainability.  The team is comprised of:

Mr Paul Murphy

Executive Headteacher

Mr Peevers




Mr Brown

Deputy Headteacher

Personal Development, Inclusion and Safeguarding


Mrs Byroo

Deputy Headteacher

Quality of Education

Mrs Comfort

Executive Business Manager


Mr Anderson

Senior Assistant Headteacher

Behaviour & Attendance 


Mr Chaundy

Senior Assistant Headteacher

Digital, Professional Development & GDPR


Mr Welsh

Senior Assistant Headteacher



Mr Hatton

Senior Assistant Headteacher

Pupil Premium



Year leaders

The following Year Leaders ensure the ethos of their community and good student progress. They have a direct responsibility for your child’s academic progress and can be contacted if you do not think it is appropriate for your child’s form tutor to deal with your concerns -

Year 7


Mrs L Marriott / Mr J Bunn


Year 8


Mrs C Papagna

Year 9


Mr N Morris 


Year 10


Mr G Kingham



Year 11

Mrs C Scott-Smith




Current Staff

Teaching Staff

Associate Staff