Student Leadership

Student leadership at Ratton School is a central strand of student achievement that enables confidence building to raise aspirations and recognise the talent of the student body.  We aim to provide opportunities for learners to develop leadership skills, empowering partnership between students and staff to gain a deeper understanding of the organisation; leading to a shared vision and virtues, increase in global standards and contribution to the community they live in.


Student Leadership Opportunities 

Student Leaders
Year 10/11 students represent each of the school’s five communities.  The student leaders should have a past record of student participation and are voted into positions as Student Leaders or Head Boy/Girl by their peers in ‘The Big Vote’.  Student leaders undergo leadership training, support at key events and have school duties.
Student Parliament
Years 7 to 10 students represent all communities meeting termly to discuss student-led issues.  The parliament is designed to mirror the real Parliament with the same cabinet and parliamentary key roles.
Student Council
Student Leader representatives form the Student Council.  These students ensure clear communication from the Student Parliament to the tutor groups and ensure the whole school community has a strong voice in what is discussed by the Parliament.
 Teaching & Learning Teams 
This is an area we’re planning to develop.  We will keep you posted with further developments as they become available.
 Excellent Readers and Writers
Year 7 to 11 students have been identified by their English teachers as excellent readers or writers and take part in national events competing against other schools and enriching their skills.
Interact Group
Year 7 to 10 students plan and undertake community service and are linked to the Rotary Club.  The group meets weekly and also supports the school’s Community Fair.
Peer supporters / Buddies
Year 8 students are available daily to support students with any concerns. Being friendly and approachable and ensuring that students know who they can talk to and what support is available is their key role.  The students also support students through transition from Year 6 to Year 7.
Sports Captains
Students in all years will support the provision of their team sport, e.g. Year 7 football captains will support Year 7 football.  These students will be selected by the PE department based on effort, results and commitment to the sport.
Dance Leaders
Year 8/9 students provide outreach programmes to our primary and junior feeder schools.  Meeting once per week the students help to teach technique and choreography, lead their own dance sessions and contribute the school performances.
Sky Sports Leaders
Year 9 students selected by leadership skills, effort and commitment in lessons benefit from a professional athlete assigned to the school to support them.  Developing the core PE values, the students assist in leading primary festivals twice per half-term at Key Stages 1 and 2, possibly leading to additional work with other schools in the community.
Green Team
Year 7 - 9 students produce outdoor learning spaces made to support cross-curricular learning opportunities.  Meeting twice per week, the focus is on sustainable development.
Peer Tutors
Year 9 students are paired with selected Year 7 students to support better outcomes for all.  Taking place at lunchtime once a week across 4 terms the students are rewarded for attendance and accelerated progress.
Student Ambassadors
The Student Receptionist (all years) and Student Leaders provide tours to visitors of the school, ensuring that any questions are answered.  There are greater Student Ambassador numbers required at key events, such as Open Evening.
Students in all years are welcome to join the Gay Straight Alliance Plus.  The plus indicates the group’s commitment to equality, both in terms of the group membership, which is open to any student in the school, and in ensuring human rights for all. 
Student Interview Panel
Students from all years can be selected to be part of the interview process for all new staff.  They are selected to represent the school community as a student interview panel and are a critical element in the decision to appoint.
Student Newspaper
Students in all years provide the student perspective through ‘Fresh View’ the school newspaper.  Published fortnightly, the group meet weekly to provide insight and information to the school and develop their writing and journalism skills.