Vision & Virtues

Developing caring, confident and creative students who achieve excellence in all aspects of their learning.


We are pleased to welcome you to Ratton School.  Ratton is one of the most popular schools in East Sussex, a reputation built on “Achieving Together” a successful partnership combining high levels of achievement and strong emphasis on shared virtues. Our vision is to develop caring, confident and creative students who achieve excellence.

The vision of ‘achieving excellence’ is underpinned by six virtues:

Compassion - Showing kindness and caring for other people and the environment.

Respect - Acting with respect to others both in and out of school. Valuing diversity and avoiding discriminatory language.

CreativityBeing curious about the world, solving problems and asking thoughtful questions.


TeamworkAchieving together by working as part of a team. Understanding that we all have to do our fair share and get along with different people.


EffortPutting effort into all aspects of school life. Demonstrating resilience when faced with a challenge.

ResponsibilityTaking responsibility by being in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing.


Based on this vision and these virtues we tirelessly strive to ensure that:

  • Students are happy and confident
  • Students develop their potential
  • We provide for student wellbeing
  • Teaching is outstanding
  • There is a powerful community spirit and bullying is prevented
  • Communication between school and home is excellent
  • Discipline and values are strong