Starting Ratton

Welcome to Ratton School. We aim to make our school a welcoming place by supporting your child's needs effectively, ensuring a smooth transition.


We are excited to have you join us at Ratton and become part of our community. Attached below are copies of the documentation we provide to all parents and students joining us. We aim to ensure a smooth transition and hope these documents provide you with all the information you require. We all look forward to seeing you very soon.

I’ve chosen Ratton for my son, Jack. He was so excited after the Open Evening last week. Very sporty, so ideal for him. He cannot wait.

It’s a fantastic school… we’re so glad we chose it.

Our daughter is in year 8. The progress she has made since starting Ratton School is just outstanding. Absolutely fabulous school.

First day nerves

Worried about forgetting something for your son or daughter’s first day at school?
Download some general information about starting at Ratton School.

Starting Ratton

Emergency Closure

If for any reason the school needs to be closed due to an emergency such as boiler breaking down, weather conditions, fire etc. and you do not wish the school to send your child home early can you write to Mrs Judith Linsell and we will record this information.  Please note that the child would still be dismissed at 3.15pm in the usual way.  

Youth Support Services Agreement