Learning Resource Centre

The LRC is a busy, well equipped, comfortable learning environment for students and staff to use. Everyone is welcome. We are open every day before school as well as during break times. We have a wide range of books, magazines, papers, careers information and computers available. Homework club is on every day from 3.15-4.15 and members of staff are available to help.

Opening Hours
Monday  8.00am 4.15pm
Tuesday  8.00am 4.15pm
Wednesday  8.00am 4.15pm
Thursday  8.00am 4.15pm
Friday  8.00am 4.15pm

Accelerated Reader

We are very excited to have all our year 7 and 8 students on the Accelerated Reader programme.  This is an exciting reading programme to help students develop their reading skills and understanding of what they are reading.  Improvement in their reading skills will impact on their achievement across the curriculum as well as developing a love for reading and an invaluable lifelong skill.

How it Works

Accelerated Reader is a computer based programme, students begin by taking a reading test on the computer to give them a reading level.  Students are then asked to pick a book relevant to their test result from the vast collection available. When they finish reading the book, they complete a quiz on that book on the computer, which generates them a new reading level.  They progress through the levels at their own pace learning to read thoroughly, reading books that challenge them just enough to assist their progression.

The Benefits

  • All students start at a level that is right for them, and they all work at their own pace.
  • They get to choose a book that is of interest to them, therefore making it more fun.
  • They like taking the quizzes on a computer.  It assesses their general comprehension of the book they have just read.
  • Students and teachers can see how much progress is being made. Adjustments can be made if needed.
  • Students have regular Accelerated Reader lessons.Every child a reader; a book in every bag."