How to apply for a place at Ratton School.


Main round Admission Policy 2022 - 2023

In year admission policy 2022-2023

This document is currently in operation for students who will join Ratton school in Year 7 at the start of September 2021.

Main Round applications for Ratton School must be made via the Local Authority. Their on-line application form can be accessed by clicking below.

Local Authority On Line Application

Alternatively, a paper form can be requested from the Local Authority instead. For further information about the admissions process, there is a Local Authority Admissions Booklet accessible via the link above

In Year applications for places at Ratton School can be made directly to Ratton School or via the Local Authority. 

Waiting Lists

Ratton School is responsible for operating a waiting list for each year group where there are more applicants than places available.  The waiting list is ordered, using our published 'over subscription criteria'. Details of these 'over subscription criteria' can be found in the relevant Ratton School Admission Policy document.  

If your child is not offered a place at Ratton School you can apply to go onto the waiting list by contacting us directly either by phone, letter or email.

If a place becomes available and you are top of the waiting list you will be contacted inviting your child to take up the place.  Please note our waiting lists are automatically cleared after Christmas, Easter and the summer term.  You will need to contact the school in order to stay on the list.


Appeal Process

If you have been refused a place at Ratton School you have the right to have your case considered by an independant appeal panel. Appeals should be sent to the Appeals Team at East Sussex County Council. You can submit your appeal online and find other appeals advice at

If you have any queries about the appeal process, please email the school appeals team direct via

Alternatively you can call on 01273 482290

Appeal Form

Deadline for submitting appeals and supporting documentation

Main Round Appeals (entry into Year 7 September 2022) – Friday 15th April 2022.

For In-Year Appeals, you have 25 school days to submit an appeal from the date of the refusal of a school place.

When do appeal hearings take place?

On Time Main Round Appeals (entry into Year 7 September 2022) will be heard between May-June 2022. In-Year Appeals will be heard within 30 school days of receipt.

Notification of date, time and venue for the appeal hearing

A letter will be sent giving details of when your appeal will be heard by an independent appeal panel. You will be given 10 days notice unless you’ve agreed to a shorter notice period.

Deadline for additional evidence to be submitted

Evidence supporting your case should sent when making the appeal. It is possible to send extra evidence up to 7 working days before the hearing (Please send directly to Mr Stuart McKeown at ECSS). Additional evidence received after this deadline, or brought to the appeal panel on the day will be considered only at the discretion of the independent appeal panel. Submitting extra evidence late can sometimes lead to the hearing being adjourned, or even postponed to another day.

Decision Letters

A decision letter will normally be sent within 5 school days of the appeal hearing and will set out the reasons for the panel’s decision.  Please be aware that it can take longer at busy times.