We are proud to have featured on the Sussex Learning Network Blog recently, highlighting the brilliant work and impact our 'Boys Mentoring Programme' has had.
We wanted to say a big THANK YOU to Mrs Chilvers, Teacher of English and creator of the 'Boys Mentor Programme', for her continued efforts and dedication which (as highlighted in the article) has made huge impact and influence across not only our town, but our county. It is hoped that this programme, now trialed in partnership with University of Brighton, can be implemented across school in the East Sussex County Council county and, perhaps, beyond!
The programme itself included 5 sessions held at the University of Brighton campus, with a focus on these core areas of personal development:-
Session 1: Getting to know each other – worksheets and resources on how you would describe yourself, what your aspirations are, what gives you energy and lifts you up and what weighs you down.
Session 2: Goal setting – working together to set a realistic, achievable goal - something you want to achieve by the end of the programme.
Session 3: Goal review. Positive relationships – being a good friend, being a good classmate, being an ally. Understanding what an ally is and how to be one.
Session 4: Goal review. Role models – what are they? What traits make a good role model? Who are our positive role models and why?
Session 5: Goal review. Top tips for success. Discussions about Uni, revision tips, how to stay calm when they feel cross, how you manage difficult situations.
One completed, our learners together with Mrs Chilvers, attended the 'Celebration Event', which gave a programme review, tour of the Uni campus and a ceremony with certificate presentation.
This achievement is something to be hugely proud of, a personal goal and ambition of Mrs Chilvers, who has worked exceptionally hard (often in her time, being a full time teacher!) to bring to fruition this vision and project. We are very proud of what she has achieved and know that the programme has made huge impact on the boys who have taken part, and will continue to be offered across the year groups as they grow and flourish. Well done.
We wanted to give a big shout-out to our #TeamBoys who were signed up to the programme, they committed themselves fully and demonstrated themselves as ambassadors for the school and the programme itself. This was a fantastic opportunity for personal development, and one they enjoyed greatly. Well done, you should all be really proud of yourselves - we definitley are!
Year 10: Alfie R, Charlie C, Kenny S, AJ C, Yamen A C, Theo P
Year 11: Alfie B, Cohen B, Joe C, Tommy D, Louis S, Deshawn J
Here at #TeamRatton we have a big focus on holistic education, and developing our young adults as a 'whole' ready to tackle the world around them; be it in the short term or, longer term in #LifeAfterRatton.
Good work #TeamRatton!