Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan 2016 – 21. 


The Ratton School Strategic Development Plan is a five year plan, from September 2016 until July 2021, reflecting our virtues and a determination to be exceptional. It has been developed following discussions with our stakeholders including staff, students, parents and governors over a period of time. Our Strategic Development Plan sets out the future priorities for Ratton School and will be the benchmark for important decision making.

In this rapidly changing world, we have identified 6 actions that will focus our drive on achieving our vision:

1.   Be guided by our virtues to develop a school founded on an exceptional ethos; with the challenges of globalisation and our aspiration to grow great citizens, our shared ethos is fundamental. This is particularly important in times of rapid change.

2.   To provide the highest quality teaching and learning for all; teaching and learning is the starting point for all schools and is the lever to ensure that all students will make excellent progress irrespective of their needs or starting point.

3.   To create a curriculum that promotes achievement, engagement and independence; we are educating our students for a rapidly changing future and we need to be able to provide a 21st century curriculum with the knowledge, skills and understanding for the future.

4.   Seek out inspirational partnerships between Ratton students, staff and the local, national and international communities; to maintain leading edge practice and innovation, we must work both formally and informally with a wide range of stakeholders. This will also involve maximising the opportunities of academy status.

5.   Deliver outstanding business and leading edge IT and learning support to enable excellent progress for all; the school infrastructure must sustain the longer term strategic needs of the organisation and is an essential framework for supporting a first class learning experience for all.

6.   Secure, through first class training and development, outstanding opportunities for students and staff; as an organisation dedicated to learning, it is our responsibility that we are providing training and development to secure high quality post 16 destinations for students.  We must also develop the skills and the capacity of all staff.