Succeeding Evenings

School is an important part of your life. It helps you to determine what you will be doing in the future and learning how to do it well sets you in a good position for lifelong capacity. There are many ways to improve your grades so that you do well at school.


Succeeding Evenings

Succeeding Evenings
Year 7

Thursday 1st November 2018


Tutors – Key information / Any Questions 

Year 8

Thursday 11th October 2018


Rotation 1. The Ratton Community 

Rotation 2. E Safety and Communication- The Ratton App 

Rotation 3. Independence / Resilience 

Rotation 4. English and Maths 

Year 9

Thursday 26th February 2018


Pathways Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG)

Subject Stalls

Year 10

Thursday 18th October 2018


Rotation 1. The Year Ahead 

Rotation 2. Wellbeing 

Rotation 3. Science and Study Skills 

Rotation 4. English and Maths

Year 11

Thursday 4th October 2018


Rotation 1. Effective Revision 

Rotation 2. Wellbeing 

Rotation 3. The Ratton App 

Rotation 4. Careers, Next Steps 

How to make good progress or better progress

Equipping yourself properly

Have your necessary materials all the time, be organized and keep a calendar.

Goal setting

Set long-term or short-term goals and keep your attendance up.

Learning Skills

Write down notes, make sure to answer and/or ask at least one question per class and listen actively.

Homework and revision

Revise/study at home, put effort into your homework, take breaks now and then, start large assignments and projects early, take a practice test before the exam to further your understanding of what you need to study and study during the holidays.

Group study

Study with friends during free time to help keep you focused.


Ask for clarifications when you don't understand things, learn from your mistakes, ask for help and be persistent.

Exams and test time

Relax and start studying early so that you have plenty of time to ask questions when you don’t understand.

General well-being

Sleep well every night, eat a healthy breakfast, join extracurricular activities and make sure you study and be determined to do well.

Awards Evening 

Every year parents, teachers and students celebrate a year of achievement, when we hold an evening of celebrating success at the Kings Centre in Eastbourne. Last year we gave out over 200 prizes to students across all year groups in recognition of their commitment to succeeding at Ratton.